What’s Your Why? 10 Great Gyms In Denver

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10 Great Gyms Apartments For Rent Denver, COWhat’s Your Why? 10 Great Gyms In Denver

Why do you go to the gym?


Why do you do all those difficult exercise routines that leave you sweaty, winded and sore?


And why do you keep coming back for more?


Ask 100 people why they work out and go to the gym and you’ll probably get different versions of the same few answers.


  • I want to get in better shape
  • I want to look better
  • I want to get stronger, faster, more endurance, etc.
  • I’m training for . . . 


The truth is simple. We want to look better, be stronger, faster and healthier. Ok, maybe we want to be able to finish off that meat deluxe pizza and not feel guilty. But everyone’s fitness goals are their own.


What’s your why?


Whatever it is, as someone who’s trained for years, for me one of the most helpful perks of going to the gym is motivation. Working out with other people in group classes and with personal trainers helps you to feel accountable to your fitness goals. 


And the added motivation is a great pick-me-up when the gas tank gets low, you’re tired and don’t want to go to the gym on some day when work’s been terrible and it’s a miserable sleeting day outside.


So we’ve rounded up 10 great gyms in Denver where you’ll have all the equipment, classes, training and motivation you’ll need to answer the question “Why am I doing this to myself?”


  1. The REBEL Workout 

HIIT classes, yoga, TRX, kettlebells, weight sleds, functional training and nutrition advice to help whip you in shape.


  1. Iron Warrior Gym

Want to get stronger? If you’re a Powerlifter, Olympic Weightlifter, a Strong Man or Strong Woman this is the place to take your training to the next level.


  1. Denver Gym and Fitness

Straightforward and no nonsense gym voted one of the best gyms in Denver for 2019. They’ve got everything from self-defense seminars to Boot Camp in the Park. 


  1. LoHi Athletic Club

Your friendly neighborhood gym. They offer group classes and personal trainers with everything yoga and bootcamps to weight training.


  1. Push Gym

Small class size and specialized HIIT training that’s going to push you to exceed your own expectations. Great to improve functional strength and athleticism.


  1. Pearl Street Fitness

Like working out with family. With 50 workouts weekly and fresh routines daily you won’t be bored. Building, “Strong Confident People”.


  1. Anytime Fitness

They've got all the equipment, weights, classes and personal training you need plus a 24/7 schedule. Now you don’t have an excuse not to squeeze a workout in.


  1. Colorado Weightlifting Club

Build and sculpt your physique with their Olympic weight training classes, seminars and personal training.


  1. Vital Strength and Fitness

They’ve got a variety of training options, kickboxing workouts and great personal trainers to guide you along.


  1. Platform Strength

“Train as a community – Grow as an individual”. Not just going to the gym alone, Platform Strength is a community effort to help you reach your goals.

So there you have it. 10 great gyms where you can get it done. It’s time to answer that question – are you ready for the answer?


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